The Clever Tailor Written by Srividhya Venkat and illustrated by Nayantara Surendranath Having lived in New Delhi for 3 and a half years, picture books set in India always have a big draw for me and my family. ‘The Clever Tailor’ is no exception. ‘The Clever Tailor’ came out last year from award winning Indian... Read More
Like myself, Danny Deeptown was obsessed with wildlife from a young age, often spending his time seeking out new adventures in nature. Danny found his love of drawing through hours of copying scientific illustrations from books about animals and dinosaurs.    But what Danny doesn’t know is that his writing buddie, aka me, often did... Read More
‘Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo’ Written and Illustrated by Brian Flocca. So this month I am, dare I say it… ‘cheating’ a little bit, as this book review was mainly done by my eldest son, Lochie. He is currently exploring the topic of ‘space’ in school and was asked to choose an activity to complete... Read More
‘Captain Green and the Plastic Scene’ Written by Evelyn Bookless and Illustrated by Danny Deeptown My kids simply adore this book (not only because the illustrator Danny Deeptown is illustrating their mum’s very own picture book) but also because they feel so strongly about the issue of plastic pollution in their world today. Like many... Read More
‘Her Right Foot’ by Dave Eggers Illustrated by Shawn Harris Following our recent family holiday to the USA (yes my husband and I really did take a crazy flight for over 18 hours with three little children in tow!) my children have loved reading the books we bought back home from there over and over... Read More
The Missing Barbegazi by H.S. Norup Poorly little Calum took a day off school because he just couldn’t cool down, but this book became his perfect medicine! Set in the cold snowy European Alps, this magical book had the perfect wintry setting to help cool Calum’s fever. Calum loves books that have mythical creatures in... Read More