Friendship Bracelet

Make your friends a special gift!

Weave and wind you way to making the perfect accessories for your friends and show them how much you care. With just three threads of embroidery, a safety pin and some fantastic finger skills, these step by step instructions will help you create some gorgeous gifts.


How To Create Your Bracelet



First gather your equipment together. You will need three pieces of different coloured embroidery thread about a meter long each, one safety pin and a cushion. This will make a bracelet about a 1/3 of an inch wide.



Match up your ends of your three threads and then fold them in half to bring all six ends together. Where you folded the threads in half tie an overhand knot to create a loop at the top.



Pin your threads by the knot onto a cushion using a safety pin.



Separate out your six threads so you can see each one clearly and you have space between them. Now you are ready to begin weaving!



Take the thread on the far-left hand side and wrap it OVER the second thread to make a number 4 shape. Then tuck the far-left thread back under the second thread and pull it up through the hole towards the large knot.



Keep your second string taught and the first thread which you are weaving a little loose. Pull the end of the first thread all the way until you have pulled the entire thread up through the hole to the large knot. Repeat this process a SECOND TIME and make another knot by tying the first strand around the second strand again. Now move the first thread into second position.



Moving from the left side to the right side keep tying knots using the first red thread with each other thread it comes across TWICE until you have made ten knots across the five other threads so that the red thread is now in last position on the far-right. The gold thread which was originally in second place is now in first place and takes over as the knotting thread for the next round. Once again moving from the left side to the right side making two knots on each thread it comes across as it moves position to the far-right.



Continue this process working your way across the threads with whichever one starts on the left, making two knots on each strand to the right. The colour you’ve just finished carrying all the way to the right will always hang off the side which will help let you know when you’ve finished a row. Keep going until you have about 4 inches of knotting done.



It helps if you keep moving the safety pin down the bracelet as you knot it  so that you have tension. If you miss a strand or accidentally forget to finish a row, it should be easy to spot. It’s a good idea to keep a needle around to help you pick out any knots if you mess up – they’re so tiny it’s hard to do with your finger.



When you have enough of your threads braided to cover your friends wrists then tie another overhand knot. Split your six threads into groups of two and plat them like you would long hair. Then tie another knot to finish off the ends. I sewed on this end a button that I could thread through my loop at the top but a simple tie is fine too. GET CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!