Maze Challenge

Problem Solve Your Way To Success!

Transform a simple ball of string into a complex lazer maze obstacle course for your children. Watch them duck and dive, weave and wind, leap and laugh their way through their problems and solve the challenge to save the day!

How To Create Your Maze


First gather your equipment together. You will need a ball of string, some heavy chairs with exposed legs and a few soft toys to rescue in the maze. You will also need a clear space to set up your maze.


Tie your string to the leg of the furthest piece of furniture away. Make sure you tie a tight knot so the string does not unravel as you make your maze.


Weave and wind your string between each of your chair legs making sure you criss-cross your string in a few places. Keep the string taught throughout to create tension in the string and also wind the string both high and low to create different levels of the maze so that children have to go both under and over the string in different places as they travel through it.


When your string maze is complete, take some of your children’s stuffed toys and place them in different areas around the maze for them to rescue!


Ask your children to begin at one end of the maze and rescue the toys as they pass through the lazer string, making sure they don’t touch it with any part of their body, and then exit at the other side of the maze.


If you have older children who need a more challenging maze you can add extra toys to rescue, extra levels of string and also set a timer! Have a zapping good time!