Origami Sheep Bookmark

This is a wonderful activity for any crafty kid but be warned it takes a wee bit of patience and may need some adult supervision!

In order to make your corner sheep bookmark you will need the following:
⦁ green origami paper (I found it easier with a two coloured sheet, one side green and the otherside a different colour, mine was yellow)
⦁ white paper
⦁ black paper
⦁ wiggly eyes
⦁ scissors
⦁ glue

Step by step instructions:

⦁ Take a green sheet of origami paper and fold it in half (diagonally) to make a large green triangle. Crease.

⦁ Fold the triangle in half again, to make a smaller green triangle, but only creasing the bottom of the triangle. This marks the middle and will make the next steps a little bit easier.

⦁ Unfold to get back to the first large triangle. Grab hold of one layer of paper at the top of the triangle. Fold it toward the bottom. You will see a square form the colour of the underside of the sheet, in my case yellow. Run your fingers over the crease a few times.

⦁ Take either the left or the right corner of the triangle and fold it towards the middle of the bottom. Run your fingers along the crease. Then repeat with the other side.

⦁ Unfold both sides to get back to the triangle with the coloured square again. Now take one of the corners again, this time folding it towards the top of the triangle. Crease.

⦁ Now take that same corner and tuck it inside the pocket that has formed. Repeat with the other corner.

⦁ Your sheep corner bookmark base is complete! Now on to make the sheep!
⦁ Cut the round fluffy sheep body out of white paper. I used craft scissors with a wiggly edge.
⦁ Cut two thin rectangles of black paper for the legs and glue them onto the bottom of the white sheep body (on the back).
⦁ Cut out a head shape out of black paper too. Also cut two ears and glue them on the head. Glue the head on to the front of the sheep body.
⦁ Add the wiggly eyes on top. You can either cut them out of white paper and draw the dots with a black marker or you can use stick on wiggly eyes like I did.
⦁ Glue the sheep on your corner bookmark base and your sheep corner bookmark is now complete!

⦁ For more origami bookmark ideas, visit the website easypeasyandfun.com