Playdough Pig



Poke, roll, stretch and squish your playdough into the perfect little pig. Learn how to create your very own playdough pig statue whilst giving your little fingers a great strengthening workout!





First you will need to make your playdough. Follow my instructions on how to make your very own playdough in the attached downloadable word document. You will also need some googlie eyes and a moulding tool, a simple spoon or fork will do just fine.



Separate out your ball of playdough into different sections for the different parts of the pig. 

  • One large ball for the body.
  • One slightly smaller ball for the head.
  • Nine smaller balls (a quarter of the size of the head) for the arms, legs, feet, ears and nose.
  • A very small ball for the tail.
  • An optional teeny tiny ball for the belly button.
  • Extra playdough to give your pig some eyebrows if you’d like to make it extra expressive.



Take your largest ball and roll it into a smooth sphere using two firm, flat palms rolling on opposite sides of the ball in a circular motion. Then, placing your ball on a flat clean surface, roll one end to make it slightly narrower and pointed. You should end up with a pear shape. This will be the body.



Roll your next largest ball into a smooth sphere and place it on top of the body (the narrower top of the pear). If you need, add a little water to help it stick together.



To make the pigs arms, roll out two small balls to make sausage shapes. Then using the edge of a spoon, make a small dent in one end of the arm to create a crease. This will give it a proper trotter look.



To make the legs, roll two small balls horizontally on a flat surface into sausage shapes the same diameter and length as the pig’s arms! Press them gently into the bottom of the body adding a drop of water if you need help to make it stick. Then take two other balls (about half the size of the ones you used to make the legs), roll them into smooth spheres and then using the flat of your thumb press them down to make two fat discs. Now using a spoon or fork handle make a single dent in the center of each disc as you did at the ends of the arms. Add these discs to the ends of your legs to make the pigs trotters.



To make the pig’s nose, roll one small ball into a smooth sphere and then flatten it, as you did with the trotters, to make a disc shape. Using the prong of a fork or end of a cocktail stick poke two small holes in the center of the disc to make the holes of the snout.



Much like the trotters you make the ears after rolling and flattening two small balls into discs. Press the end of a spoon or fork handle into the center of each disc to make a crease. Then pinch the end of each disc so it becomes a tear drop shape. Attach the ears on either side of the pigs head with the rounded end sticking to the head.



Press down onto the face two googlie eyes, just above the snout and below the ears.



To make the curly tail you need only a tiny ball of playdough. Roll it out like a snake and then stick it on in a curl at the back of your pig. And now your pig is finished!



If you want to give your pig some extra details then feel free to add eyebrows or a belly button like I have. Enjoy!