Pom Pom Sheep Craft

The perfect way to make a sheep has to be out of wool!

If you don’t have white wool at home then feel free to be creative and have fun with different colours. You could even make a whole farm of rainbow sheep!


  • All you need is a large piece of cardboard, which you cut into four same sized circles with a diameter of 8cm each. Place 2 circles aside for later.

  • Take the remaining two circles and make a hole in the centre of each, about 2 cm in diameter to create two rings.

  • Place one ring flat on a table top and loop a short piece of string around the central hole of the ring. Now put the second ring over the top to make a string bagel sandwich. The end pieces of the string should stick out a little. (You will use these later for tying your pom pom together!)

  • Now cut up a ball of wool into 2m lengths and then thread them through the rings about 8 at a time. Keep threading the wool through the ring until it is completely covered and you can’t fit any more through.

  • Place your saved cardboard circles on either side of your woollen ring to make a sandwich. (This will help hold everything together as you cut!)

  • Push the tip of a pair of scissors into the wool right at the edge and snip between the two cardboard rings inside. Cut the whole way round the woollen rim. You will need to use sharp scissors for this and it can be a little tricky so I advise you to use adult support for this part!

  • Now using the first piece of string you laid between your rings, take the two ends and tie them up around the pompom bundle making a tight knot.
  • Now you can remove the cardboard discs by slipping them off the wool or cutting them.

  • That’s it. Your sheep’s body is complete. It couldn’t be much simpler!

  • Now all you have to do is glue on a head cut from card, wiggly eyes and and some legs (I used pipe clearers!)