A Brief History of Underpants, written by Christine Van Zandt and illustrated by Harry Briggs is a fast-paced, funny-punny, easy-to-read children’s book that is certain to have you laughing your pants off! I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The title caught me at once... Read More
Little Whale, a picture book written and illustrated by Jo Weaver is told through the eyes of a whale and her calf. It is a stunningly beautiful book that celebrates the incredible strength, courage, love and family needed by animals to migrate such enormous distances. They travel almost 20,000 km every year, from south where... Read More
Red, White, and Whole, written by Rajani LaRocca, is a fantastic middle grade novel written in verse. After attending a talk by Rajani I was keen to read one of her recent books and I was absolutely blown away by it. I read it in two straight sittings and found it not only to be... Read More
The House at the Edge of Magic, written by Amy Sparkes, has all the ingredients of a perfect middle grade novel. It is fast paced with great cliff hanger endings for each chapter. It has strong, emotionally charged characters full of energy and sparkle. It has fantastical and fun settings and above all, it is... Read More