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Books will be shipped by mid-August 2020.

Bundles available for purchase:
$25 – one book
$35 – one personalised autographed book + unlimited access to read-aloud videos
$65 – three personalised autographed books + unlimited access to read-aloud videos
$250 education pack for schools – 8 books + PDF poster + unlimited access to read-aloud videos + 2 virtual/in-person author visits to the school

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A Book Of Hugs

A Book of Hugs: Stories to Keep You Company

Pippa Chorley and 42 other authors and illustrators have come together to make a book to keep you company, always.
In A Book of Hugs, you will find stories of dragons, neon sharks, dancing monsters, spiders, and bananas.

You can take comfort in letters of love, savour recipes, and go on slightly-true adventures with some awesomely brave characters.

Or perhaps you will paint your world with poems and have a big (or quiet) laugh with comics starring tigers, forts, a humpback whale, and a lonely snowman.

Lovingly filled with short stories, poems, and artful pictures, this anthology hopes to give you a great big hug just before you take on the world.

All profits from the sale of this book will go to Child at St 11 and Superhero Me – two organisations that work to support and empower children of all abilities through art and education.

Perfect for 6 to 9-year-old readers.

About Child at St 11
Child at Street 11 is a multi-racial, secular, independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to providing inclusive, accessible and quality early years education to children from diverse backgrounds.These programmes build a child’s full potential. It also provides safe home environments and support systems for children’s parents to achieve economic independence. To learn more about Child at Street
11, visit

About Superhero Me
Superhero Me is a non-profit inclusive arts movement that arms children from special needs and less privileged communities with creative confidence through collaboration and mentorship opportunities. It focuses on inclusive programming and training, creative advocacy and strategic partnerships and serves as a social mixing platform for children of all abilities. From its birth in 2014 as an early childhood programme in a low-income neighbourhood, Superhero Me has reached out to more than 20,000 people through a myriad of efforts. @superheromeSG

The 45 Contributors (click on the links for information on the contributors)
Alice Bianchi-Clark | Barbara Moxham | Ben Lai | Chan Wai Han | Colin Goh | Darel Seow | Darius Cheong | David Liew | Denise Tan | Elieth Sardinas | Emily Lim-Leh | Evelyn Sue Wong | Felicia Low-Jimenez | Fleur Vella-Chang | Hwee Goh | James Lim | Josef Lee | Josephine Chia | Katherine Wallace | Katie Van Camp | Leila Boukarim | Lianne Ong | Melanie Lee | Melissa Tan | Moniza Hossain | Moses Sia | Namita Moolani Mehra | Nani | Nurulhuda Izyan | Ovidia Yu | Patrick Ng | Patrick Yee | Paula Pang | Pauline Loh | Pippa Chorley | Quek Hong Shin | Rosemarie Somaiah | Sarah Ang | Si-Hoe S. S. | Simon Wray | Srividhya Venkat | Tammar Stein | Tan Si Qi | Tina Jimin Walton | Zahira Mohamed Sedik