Wow! How is it Spring already?

I can’t quite believe that today is the 1st of April – but I am very excited too. It means I can participate once more in the #Springflingkidlit writing contest. I love this competition. It’s an opportunity to stretch myself, force myself to write something totally new, in a short space of time (1 only had 2 days this time – eek!) and under a constrained 150 word count too! It means I get to connect with other amazing and talented kidlit writers (who are always the kindest people) and also think deeply about what this season means to me.

Having lived abroad for 20 years of my life, this year I began to think about the amazing spring time festivals I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to be a part of, the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, the Holi Colour Festival in India, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan, Mardis Gras Festival in France and of course, the May Queen Festival in the UK. Each country and each spring time festival celebrates this special season in a totally unique and magical way. Through song, dance, colour, water, painting, planting and even scrambled eggs!

I became so excited about this idea that I wrote over 250 words at first! Unfortunately I couldn’t fit all the wonderful festivals into my final version but I hope it does at least capture the essence of what I hoped o convey. They celebratory feel of ‘newness’ and ‘love’ around the world as the winter months fade and the days lighten and warm. I hope you all enjoy my entry.

The picture I included was one of me, my eldest son and friends enjoying the festival of Holi in a local park in New Delhi, eight years ago. It is one of my most treasured and fun memories of my time living in India.

Huge thanks to the amazing ladies who work so hard to organise this fabulous contest, connect us all together too and celebrate this wonderful time of year. Thank you, thank you, thank you @authorciaraoneal @CiaraONeal2 and @Kaitlynleann17 @KaitlynLeann17!


Spring Fling Kidlit Writing Contest Entry 2023

(147 words excluding headings)


Scoop, scatter,

Sprinkle, shower,

A rainbow of paint and powder

Happy Hindus, 

Holi fun,

Remembering how goodness won. 


Drench, drip,

Duck, dash,

The Songkran Festival makes a splash!

Floating flowers,

Festive cheer,

Welcomes the Buddhist New Year! 


Tap, crack,

Whisk, whack,

Flip a pancake just like that.

Donuts, waffles,

Scoff them quick,

Lent will be here in a tick!



Sneak, peak,

The Easter Bunny’s left a treat.

Swish, swirl,

Glitter, glue,

Rolling eggs is what we do!


Gather, Glow,

Float up high,

Paper lanterns warm the sky.

Ward off evil,

Shine your light,

Celebrate the moon tonight.


Twirl, swirl,

Ribbons twine,

Flower garlands, branches, vines.

Village faits, 

May Queen crowns,

Hear the brilliant big brass sounds.


Dig, rake,

Plant, pat,

Making a new habitat.

Seeds, saplings,

Root and shoot,

As Arbour’s Day takes fruit!

Leap, laugh,

Travel, sing,

The most magical time of year is…



So evocative of all these amazing spring rituals. Amazing.

Here is my entry:


Yes, they really are amazing! Thank you so much x


Ah I love all the sensory descriptions! Beautiful piece!


Thank you so much Nicky!


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