What are my kids and I reading this February, 2023?

NIGHT SKY written by Rosa Shaw and illustrated by Lara Hawthorne, is a beautiful non-fiction book about the stars – how they have guided and inspired people throughout history to travel, build and worship.

This gorgeous picture book is a wonderful introduction to children who love history or science. I love this combination as it speaks to me and my interests and my son and daughters as well. Each page focuses on two or three facts which are explored in just enough detail – not too much to overwhelm or raise the reading age but also enough to engage and give pause for thought. I learnt many new things as well as my children. For example, the teapot constellation, part of Sagittarius, helps us locate the centre of the Milky Way. How cool is that!

The writing glimmers with lyricism and passion but without overkill. The facts are taught clearly and with little room for confusion.

The illustrations are striking, bold and beautiful. The colours pop against the inky blues, dusky greys and dense blacks. They are drawn simply but with detail and there is something on each page to allow for wonder and fascination.

I love how this book teaches us that peoples passion for the night sky is deep rooted and important. It has linked us on Earth to the Ancient Gods of Greek and Egyptians times. It has sparked important scientific discoveries by Newton, Galileo and helped explorers navigate our world long before the invention of the compass.

But the book doesn’t just talk about the past. It is about the future too. How the night sky continues to inspire us and guide our lives. How explorers are now venturing into space itself and how nature is still very much connected to the planetary movement.

I honestly think this book is wonderful. It would make a fabulous addition to anyones library be that at home or school. Highly recommend!

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