What are my kids and I reading this June, 2022?

Little Whale, a picture book written and illustrated by Jo Weaver is told through the eyes of a whale and her calf. It is a stunningly beautiful book that celebrates the incredible strength, courage, love and family needed by animals to migrate such enormous distances. They travel almost 20,000 km every year, from south where they breed to the Arctic seas to reach their feeding grounds. It is a long, dangerous and exhausting journey. Weaver captures it beautifully in her book without pressing the challenging moments too much. There are moments of fear and heartbreak but the calm illustrations help maintain a steadiness throughout.

Weavers gentle atmospheric monochromatic charcoal drawings work perfectly for the underwater environment. She uses every hue of blue know to the eye from warm, inviting tropical blues to cold, icy deep blues.

The story telling is lyrical but brief and easily absorbed by little ones. Whilst older readers will be mesmerised by Weavers artwork. Whilst targeted at a younger audience, this book acts as a great springboard into life cycles, animal studies of migration, animal conservation and ocean awareness.

For any parents or caregivers of little ones about to undergo a long journey, this is a great, comforting read for them.

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