What are my kids and I reading this March, 2023?

FEATHERS TOGETHER written by Caron Levis and illustrated by Charles Santoso is another fantastic book from this fabulous picture book duo. Beautifully written and beautifully illustrated!

It is perfect for picture book aged children between 3-7 and the take away themes are right up my alley – loyalty, kindness, love and nature.

The story, based on true events, is centred around two storks, Malena and Klepetan who always adventure together! But one winter when Malena is injured and cannot migrate, the two best friends must separate. As Klepetan flies south to South Africa, Malena must remain in Croatia. The separation is hard and they miss each other desperately. But luckily a kind feather-headed man comes to the rescue. He builds Malena a warm, indoor nest, feeding her and caring for her until the air warms once more and the migration home can begin. Then, at last the two brave birds are reunited in their outdoor nest side-by-side.

This sweet story is a wonderful way to explore the idea of ‘missing’ someone with young people. It is simply but beautifully written with heart and respect for nature. I love how it is told through the eyes of the birds rather than the human who helps them. We see a new perspective this way and children can easily relate to the birds feelings and empathise.

The illustrations are gorgeous – Santoso has used gentle strokes and a soft palette of colour that suits the birds themselves and the double page spreads are breathtaking. The skies play a great role throughout the book and the different moods and textures beautifully reflect the page turns. It has the same gorgeous vibe as his other two books with Levis, This Way Charlie and Ida, Always. My daughter Caitlin loves this story and often requests it at night. Definitely recommend!

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