What are my kids reading this December 2020?

Superfoods for Superheros, by Namita Moolani Mehra and illustrated by Cecillia Hidayat.

For me personally,  Christmas is a time for cooking, reading a good book and enjoying quality time with your family. This delightful, kid-centred cookery book was therefore the perfect gift at Christmas this year. 

Superfoods for Superheros is both a cookery book and a story book aimed directly at kids. Each chapter features a story about a little boy who begins to explore different food and their powerful health properties in a fun and accessible way. Following each story and new ingredient introduction, there is an easy to follow, kid-friendly recipe to go with it. We have tried quite a few of them now and they have all been delicious and the kids have felt so proud making them themselves. My kids love the incredible coconut curry and the orange pow pops are a regular feature in our house now. 

The book encourages children to be food explorers and adventurers and also take note of the important health benefits that can be gained from eating certain foods. It encourages a healthy mindset to food choices and excitement over new flavours and ingredients that is sure to help any fussy eater be brave. This is helped of course by the fact that they can cook with that ingredient themselves and understand why it is being used and what ‘super’ power it can give them. 

The illustrations throughout the book are also gorgeous. Cecillia Hidayat has a real talent for animating vegetables and I love the colour palette she uses too. This is a MUST BUY for anyone with budding chefs in their household or parents who want to encourage your kids to eat bigger, bolder flavours! Happy Cooking!

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