What are my kids reading this February?

‘Captain Green and the Plastic Scene’ Written by Evelyn Bookless and Illustrated by Danny Deeptown

My kids simply adore this book (not only because the illustrator Danny Deeptown is illustrating their mum’s very own picture book) but also because they feel so strongly about the issue of plastic pollution in their world today. Like many global thinking schools, my boy’s school Tanglin Trust in Singapore, are working hard to promote the Three R’s (REDUSE, REUSE, RECYCLE) to their students and teach children to look after their environment and the animals that live in it better than we have managed to do. They have put the problem to the forefront of the children’s minds and it has become a recurring topic in our family environment as a result too. As well as science projects in school, junk art stations and recycling bins placed around their campus, they have teamed up with major charities and international organisations to work with children on fund raising around these issues. This is fantastic, but I honestly felt that the main thing that resonated with the younger aged children was a visit from author Evelyn Bookless and her storytelling sessions of Captain Green and the Plastic Scene. The language is fun, lively and easy to digest. What kid (and parent) doesn’t enjoy a little bit of ‘oompf’ and ‘whoosh’ anyway. But most importantly the message is clear! They too can save their planet from the destructive force of pollution. Way to go Evelyn!

This book centers around Captain Green, fresh out of superhero school, who is sent on a mission to save a dolphin, seagull and turtle from ‘pesky’ plastic problems. Captain Green uses his superhero powers to help these poor creatures but the problem is bigger than he first thought, and he can’t fight the problem alone. Captain Green begins a new mission to teach others to be superheros too and join in the fight against plastic pollution. With no special powers at all but a shared goal and the simple, small acts of recycling, reusing and reducing use of plastic we can all become superheros. Your kids can help Captain Green with his mission to fight against plastic pollution and so can we too.

The colourful, playful illustrations are captivating for young readers and the gentle sense of humour Danny has weaved into each page makes the book enjoyable for parents to read time and time again too. My favourite illustration is the one with Captain Green beaming out the Three R’s. It should be made into a poster for every school to display!

But this book should not just be limited to use in schools. I would encourage every household to own a copy and spread Captain Green’s message. Bedtime reading discussions are the best for important topics, don’t you agree? Let’s help Evelyn encourage as many mini eco-warriors to become environmental superhero’s as possible!

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