What are my kids reading this January, 2021!!!

SUNDAY RAIN, Written by Rosie J. Pova and illustrated by Amariah Rauscher

The title and cover of this book have such a lovely cosy feel that you know your children are going to feel safe and loved when reading this book. The soft pallet and crayon lines used by Rauscher all across the artwork are so appealing, you almost feel you want to stroke the book!

From reading the book jacket alone, I immediately wanted to open it up and read inside. I love the idea that making new friends is like reading a new book, you just have to plunge yourself right in. This is such a valuable lesson for children to learn and the earlier the better.

Making friends takes guts, and shyness and fear can be enormous barriers for children who are desperately seeking laughter, kindness and security in a new situation. We see this so clearly in Sunday Rain, that you can’t help but be drawn into Elliot’s emotional journey as you read the book.

The story begins with a boy absorbed into a world of books and adventure stories, lyrically and beautifully described by the author. But there was also a sense of missing out. Beyond his bedroom window, children play in the rain and Eliiot has not yet found the courage to take the first step outside to make friends. With his mother’s encouragement and the help of his Sharkies (super cute wellington boots) Elliot finally takes the plunge into another adventure, but one not just of his own making this time. 

Rosie J. Pova uses wonderful onomatopoeia throughout the book to give it a movement that resonates well with the theme of weather and adds to the adventurous childlike voice. It is a beautifully written book, perfect for little ones with big imaginations and anyone facing a house/school/country move and needing that helping hand to take the plunge into a new adventure. A real delight for young readers!

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