What are my kids reading this May?

The Girl and the Box, written by Leila Boukarim and Shameer Bismilla, and illustrated by Barbara Moxham, is breathtakingly beautiful! 

When Leila Boukarim let slip that she was writing a companion text to the Boy and the Box, for girls, I was over the moon (pun intended!). The Girl and the Box, tells the tale of a girl who sees the moon and is filled with so much wonder that she determines to reach it. But when she builds a box to climb up and reach the moon, she is told to get down and stay on the path planned for her. When she begins to build a hill to climb and reach the moon, she is told not to get dirty. She must ultimately make a choice between following her dream or burying it away.  

The Girl and the Box is a magical story about imagination, determination and being true to oneself. Along the journey the girl is held back by social expectations of how a girl is supposed to behave, think and react but even when her box breaks her spirit does not. Proving to all young girls that no matter what other people think, say, or do, to stop them following their dreams, their path is ultimately theirs to choose and theirs to take.  

Like The Boy and the Box, this story is written with sparse, lyrical and thoughtful text. The monochromatic illustrations by Barbara Moxham are emotive, striking, heart-warming and tactile. Looking at the images, you can sense the cool night air, stroke the soft wavy grass and feel the pull of the glowing moon. 

The Girl and the Box is the perfect companion text to The Boy and the Box. Whilst the stories remain independent and serve as unique gifts on their own, the two books also intertwine in an unexpected and beautiful way. They make the perfect pair and whether you have boys or girls, they both share important lessons for the other.

I urge you all to buy these two books. I honestly feel they could become modern day children’s classics.

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