What are my kids reading this October 2020?

Captain Green and the Tree Machine written by Evelyn Bookless and illustrated by Danny Deeptown

When Evelyn told me she had a new Captain Green manuscript ready, I was so excited. My children are huge fans of the first in the series, Captain Green and the Plastic Scene and anything Danny Deeptown illustrates is generally awesome! (I’m not biased… really!) The lead up to any new book is always exciting and all the more so when you are fans of the writer and illustrator. And I am thrilled to say that the second book did not disappoint!

This time the focus of the story is around the importance of trees for us and our planet. The story begins with Captain Green busy making a new gadget to help save the planet when disaster strikes. Elephant, orangutan and hornbill are all in danger and it’s up to the Captain top help save the day… or is it? 

I absolutely love the fact that this book puts children at the center of the resolution, rather than the Captain and empowers them to do their bit to help save the planet, one tree at a time! It is such a wonderful message to share with kids and its done in such an engaging and fun way, it is a must book for any school library or home wanting to rear green minded kids!  

Throughout the book the text is punctuated with fun super-hero lingo that pops off the page and is great for kids to read aloud too. On top of this the illustrations are to die for! Danny’s soft water colour palette and gentle handling of the subject make the book not only beautiful to look at but also great discussion points for kids. This picture book is highly recommended!

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