What are my kids reading?

The Missing Barbegazi by H.S. Norup

Poorly little Calum took a day off school because he just couldn’t cool down, but this book became his perfect medicine! Set in the cold snowy European Alps, this magical book had the perfect wintry setting to help cool Calum’s fever.

Calum loves books that have mythical creatures in them, like dragons and merlions, but this book offered him something a little different: a snow gnome called a barbegazi! Calum had never heard of a barbegazi before. He particularly enjoyed the section dividers between the chapters describing the life of a barbegazi. By the end of the book, he was so convinced that they existed that he wanted me to buy him a non-fiction barbegazi book to learn more about them!

This delightful tale centres around a little girl called Tessa, who sets out on a daring adventure to save one of the last barbegazi from capture. Tessa is also faced with the difficult decision of whether to share her secret or not. Running throughout the story is the theme of love and the importance of family as, while Tessa embarks on her quest, all the while the health of her grandmother deteriorates. The sentiment of this story, coupled with its wintry setting, would make it the perfect Christmas gift this year.

This is a middle-grade novel, perfect for ages 8-10 years.


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